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Battles of the Fords of Isen


Production year : 2022

Length : 31:06 min

Color / Sound

Lord of the Rings Fan Film based on a story in the original Tolkien books

Nocturnal - Award winning short film


Production year : 2020

Length : 11:00 min

Color / Sound

Action thriller about a whistleblower turning on the NOCTURNAL gang



Production year : 2018

Length : 5:55 min

Color / Sound

Action movie about a man being followed by a drone...

Tischgespräche Tinder Date


Production year : 2018

Longth : 2:25 min

Color / Sound

Tinder Date gone wrong...

最后的老外 The Last Laowai


Production year : 2019

Length : 2:11 min

Black & White / Sound

Post-apocalyptic Beijing: the last Laowai (Chinese: foreign devil) in China is being hunted down. One of the hunters decides to give him a chance mano-a-mano.

Gewalt unter Jugendlichen


Production year : 2018

Length : 0:52 min

Color / Sound

Commercial against adolescent violence for the campaign

Schweizer Eishockey-Nati Werbespot


Production year : 2018

Length : 0:45 min

Color / Sound

Zürich Versicherungen Commercial for a fan trip to the IIHF World Championship in Bratislava with the Swiss national ice hockey team. 

Thug Love


Production year : 2018

Length : 1:12 min

Color / Sound

Short comedy of less than 72 seconds for the ZFF 72 Film Festival Challenge

Sika Commercial


Production year : 2018

Length : 3:36 min

Color / Sound

Commercial for the new Sika Online Shop Application

Aromat Man


Production year : 2017

Length : 1:24 min

Color / Sound

Student Commercial for the traditional Swiss product Aromat 

Confessions about my past / Workout with new gym gear


Production year : 2018

Length : 14:25 min

Color / Sound

Influencer Marketing experiment at the University of St. Gallen

Written in the stars


Production year : 2016

Length : 4:17 min

Color / Sound

Music Video of the famous Swiss punk rock band SoWasted

SGDM Mount Yesterday
(Parts with Elijah Knight)


Production year : 2014

Length : 9:04 min

Color / Sound

Mockumentary about a consulting meeting in the tourism industry

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